Handcrafted desserts made with love...

Variety of dessert squares


One Flavor minimum 6, In a 12 box, pick up to 3 flavors

Chocolate Chip, Oreo Bars, Spiced Gingerbread Cookie, 

Apple Crisp shortbread, Hello Dolly Bars

Fudge Toffee Cookie Bars, Buttertart bars,

  Dulce De leche banana bars,

 $3.50 each


No Bake Squares

Kitkat Bars, Rice Krispy Squares, Chocolate Oatmeal,

Oreo peanut butter, Scotcheroos,

Butterscotch marshmallow,

Butterfinger Caramel Bars 

$3.25 each

Nanaimo Bars

Classic, Maraschino Cherry, Mint

Espresso, Raspberry, Hot chocolate

$3.25 each

Gluten free options available